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General Terms & Conditions

1. General


These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: ‘Conditions’) apply to all offers, memberships, agreements and deliveries of products and/or services, including the,​ ​by ​B.V.​ ​to its customers.

1.2 ​B.V.​ (Dutch Chamber of Commerce number 76030822) ​is​ ​located at ​Grote Berg 18A,​ in 5611 KK Eindhoven (hereinafter: BIZ).

Contact information:

Telephone: 085-040 4849


1.3​​ ​​

You conclude an agreement with BIZ by ordering from the ​(hereinafter: “account”).


The person who concludes the membership needs to be at least 18 years old.


BIZ is entitled to block the validity of the account for which the Membership is concluded at any time, if you have acted in violation with the provisions in these Conditions and/or the law and/or another way which justifies such a measure.​ ​In that case, BIZ is not obligated to still carry out any performance after discontinuation.​ ​The Member will not have a right to refund of the prepaid membership fee.


The content of these terms and conditions can be changed. If a change takes place, we will you the new terms and conditions by email and we will notify you of the changes. Sometimes the change concerns a linguistic adjustment. However, if the change concerns a substantial change concerning, for example, consequences to your rights, then you will be given the option to terminate the agreement. You can always consult the terms and conditions on our website. 

2.​ ​Membership​ on the account


To be able to make use of the account using ​, the user (hereinafter: ‘Member’) needs to be registered with BIZ.


The user is obligated to fill in the registration form of BIZ truthfully.​ ​The Member will receive a unique login code immediately after registration, which is only valid for the Member.​ ​The Member can make use of vouchers and other services offered by Partners using BIZ by logging in using the platform


Immediately after registration BIZ will ensure that the Member will automatically receive his or her login information within no more than 24 hours after registration.


Your right to make use of the account for payment and subject to the conditions specified in these Conditions and in the agreement, which explicitly also includes the online environment protected by login to the website ​, is in these Conditions always designated as ‘Membership’.


A Membership can have any desired moment to become effective.​ ​A Membership is strictly personal and you are not allowed to provide it to third parties.​ ​You are obligated to handle the Membership with care.


The price of the Membership depends on the campaign page on which you ordered and this price will return on the payment request you receive. The price for automatic renewal of your membership is always equal to the price specified on the page (hereinafter: ‘Membership Fee’).

3. Revocation right


We will send you a confirmation by email as soon as we have received your registration for the account through the website. In addition to this confirmation, we will send you the login codes for the website, immediately after registration, by mail. At that time, an agreement is formed between you and BIZ B.V. and our service provision will commence immediately.


As soon as you have received the personalised physical account, the statutory withdrawal period of 14 days commences. This means that from that moment onwards, you have the right to cancel the agreement without giving reasons within a period of 14 days. To exercise the revocation right, you are required to notify us through an unambiguous statement (by email) of your decision to cancel the agreement. You can make use of the model form for revocation, as it is found on our website, but you are not obligated to do so.


To comply with the withdrawal period, it suffices to send your communication concerning your exercising of the revocation right before the withdrawal period lapses.


If you make use of your right of revocation within the statutory withdrawal period of 14 days and dissolve the agreement, we will refund you the full amount paid by you to us. We will pay this amount back to you immediately and certainly not later than 14 days after we have been informed of your decision to cancel the agreement. We pay you back with the same means of payment as you used to perform the original transaction, unless you expressly agreed to something else; either way, no costs will be charged for you for such a refund. No costs are charged if you make use of the (online) services prior to or during the withdrawal period.

4.​ ​Duration​ ​of the​ ​membership


The Membership is concluded for the duration of 1 year. Afterwards, the Membership is automatically renewed for an undetermined period – notwithstanding notice of termination. This agreement renewed for an undetermined period can always be terminated with due observance of 1 month of notice period. The way in which the agreement can be terminated by notice of termination and the consequences of notice of termination are noted in article 7.


Renewal is automatic, the existing login information grants access to


Information about the duration of your Membership is noted in your profile in the online environment and can be requested with the customer service of by email to


5.​ ​Payment membership and method of payment


Payment of the Membership Fee needs to take place each membership period by means of, but not limited to, AfterPay credit card, Paypal, bank transfer or payment request. For automatic renewal of the membership, you will receive a payment request from BIZ which you can pay by means of, but not limited to, iDeal or a direct bank transfer, if you have become member using credit card, we will debit this from your credit card automatically. BIZ will send you a new payment request every year for the membership contribution for the year it concerns.


For failure of payment, untimely payment – including by deposit of the debited amounts or due to an insufficient balance on the specified bank account – or incomplete payment, a payment reminder is sent for which a period of 14 days applies to still effect payment. In the event of failure of the payment to occur within this period of 14 days, BIZ is entitled to terminate the membership unilaterally and with immediate effect, as well as claim overdue payments plus legal interest. BIZ will be entitled to charge incurred extrajudicial collection costs on the overdue amount. These collection costs amount to no more than: 15% on the overdue amount, with a minimum of € 40.


All Membership Fees are in Euro and are charged including VAT.


BIZ has the right to unilaterally change the price of the Membership (see article 2.3 of these Conditions), provided that the Membership has continued for at least three (3) months since its formation. A change of the membership fee is published on the website no later than six (6) weeks before it enters into effect.


If you pay your order using AfterPay (pay afterwards), you also agree with the conditions of AfterPay. These can be read here:

6.​ ​Notice of termination of the​ ​membership


If you do not wish to continue the Membership after 1 year, then you are required to give notice of termination of the Membership with due observance of a minimum notice period of 1 month prior to the end of the membership year. The notice of termination takes place in the first year taking effect from the end of the membership year. This means that if you became member on 15 February and you give notice of the Membership in a timely manner (in other words, at least 1 month prior to the end of the Membership Year), the Membership is terminated on 15 February of the subsequent year.


If the notice of termination does not take place no later than 1 month prior to the end of the membership year, the Membership is continued for an undetermined period. The Membership continued for an undetermined period may be terminated by notice period with due observance of 1 month of notice period. The Membership is terminated 1 month later in the event of notice of termination. This means that if you give notice of termination for the Membership for an undetermined period, for example on 15 March, the agreement is then terminated one month later, on 15 April.  


Already paid Membership Fees are not refunded, except in the event of a renewed agreement for an undetermined period. You will then receive the Membership Fee proportionally.


Notice of termination can be done in writing, by email ( and using the form on our website. 

7. Privacy​ ​

BIZ is the controller as referred to in the GDPR when it comes to the processing of your personal information. This means that only we determine which personal information is processed, with which purpose and in which way. BIZ is responsible that your personal information is processed in an adequate and careful manner in accordance with the GDPR. For the privacy statement, we refer to

8.​ ​Complaints


You are required to communicate complaints about the execution of the agreement as soon as possible after they arise. ​You need to describe this complaint completely and clearly to BIZ. You can send a complaint to

9. Other provisions


The Dutch law applies exclusively to these Conditions, as well as to all agreements which these Conditions are part of.​


If no solution of a dispute is reached in joint consultation, then you can also make use of the ODR platform (Online​ ​Dispute​ ​Resolution)​ ​of the European Commission at for the extrajudicial mediation.


If one or more provisions of these Conditions appear to be unlawful or invalid, for any reason whatsoever, then this does not affect the validity of the other provisions. 

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